Teaching and publications

Teaching Experience


·      Smart cites summer school. The COIMBRA group and CCLAS UoE summer school program for international students. Lectures and week organisation. July 2018

·      Tutor of “Art and Design” and “Architectural design: Elements” Courses of the MA (Hons) Architecture Degree program, University of Edinburgh, First period September 2017 – December 2017. Second period  September 2018 – December 2018.

·      Assistant Teacher for the course “Disrupted Atlas of the Valparaíso ravines”, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile,  School of Architecture, Santiago , August 2014 – December 2014.

·      Assistant Teacher for the course “Digital Production”,  Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, School of Architecture, Santiago , March 2014 – July 2014.

·      Assistant Teacher for the course “Adaptable Systems”,  Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, School of Architecture, Magister of Architecture, Santiago , August 2013 – December 2013

·      Assistant Teacher for the course “Animated form”, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, School of Architecture, Santiago, March 2013 – July 2013.

·      Teacher of Workshop V, UNIACC University, School of Architecture, Santiago, March 2013 – July 2013



  • “City Project: Valparaíso” (Original name: “Proyecto Ciudad: Valparaíso”), ARQ Editions, Santiago, Chile,  2015.

Colaboration in investigation, elaboration of Cartography and a urban design project.

  • “Valparaíso city and the challenge of a city built on a sharp geography”, paper procedures of Conference City: Images and Imaginaries, Madrid, 2018.



  • Presentation of the paper  "Wellbeing and Indigenous communities. A reflection about the meaning of being Indigenous today and the Chilean Policie"  in the conference “Quality of life, Well-being and Innovation", a ChileGlobal Seminar organised by the Chilean Society of the University of Nottingham. October 2017. link: https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/law/events/2017/quality-of-life-well-being-and-innovation.aspx

  • Presentation of the paper “ Valparaíso city and the challenges of a city built on a sharp geography” in the   international conference "The City: Images and Imaginaries", organized by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. March 2018

Scholarships and Honors


·      Half Scholarship for Master in Architecture based on Academic Results, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago.

March 2012 – December 2013.

·      Ranking 4th in the contest “Make your thesis in Culture”(Original: “Haz tu tesis en cultura”) Ministery of Culture ad Arts, Chilean Government, for the thesis “Routes and roads over Alto Loa Territory, the configuration of a Cultural Landscape” (“Original name: Rutas y caminos por Alto Loa, la configuración de un Paisaje Cultural”).

CONICYT Chilean Scholarship  for the Mphil Landscape Architecture Program at the University of Edinburgh. 2017-2018

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