Co-created adaptation solutions

Dr Soledad Garcia Ferrari, for whom I collaborate with as Research Fellow at the ‘Center for Contemporary Latin American Studies’ CCLAS Edinburgh University, is the PI of the two following projects:

‘Developing Collaborative Smart City Solutions to Manage Adaptation and Monitoring Climate Change related risks in Mexico’ Newton fund

Developing Co-Created Smart City Solutions for Managed Adaptation and Monitoring of Hydro-Meteorological Climate Change related risk in Mexico – CONACYT - ESRC Newton Call for collaborative research on Smart Cities. 

My role as Research Assistance is to coordinate fieldwork and capacity building in Mexico for the participatory process with communities at Mexico City and Puebla.

Project summary:

This project aims to register the knowledge that exists in communities exposed climate hazards. The inhabitant perspective will be understood valuable local knowledge, which will help us understand the complexity of the climatic threat that can include both material damage to housing, and aspects of daily live, such as transportation, health, work, education, among other possible topics. By identifying the problems that climate variability has implied in the community, it will be possible to develop adaptation measures, which can be agreed between the community and local institutions. Based on two scoping studies, the project will provide opportunities for reflection among inhabitants, authorities and academic representatives, from which it is expected to reach agreements through dialogue and negotiation.

Fieldwork 1: Vulnerabilities and adaptation measures

During the first visit the aim was to understand community perceptions on climate change and adaptation strategies that are already taking place within families and groups. Draught and wells water provision were one of the main hazards related to climate change. However interesting discussions around urban planning and cultural heritage related with traditional corn crops known as ‘milpa’ gave the team interesting guides for following work.

Street in Tonantzintla, a village considered 'Pueblo mágico' or Magic Town. Source: Melisa Miranda, personal archive, 2019. 

Milpa test on community garden. The aim is to prove peasants now living in the city that it is possible to continue traditional crops on smaller areas such as these bags. This picture was taken at 'Casa Ibero' Universidad Iberoamericana, Puebla. Source: Melisa Miranda, personal archive, 2019.

How the water is collected by a family in Valle del Paraíso. Water supply as a daily challenge for families, Source: Melisa Miranda, personal archive, 2019.

Discussions in Tonantzintla about how the new Urban Development plan affecting the Municipality San Andres Cholula. Source: Melisa Miranda, personal archive, 2019.

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