Role: Research Assistant

PI: Dr Morgan Currie

This project consists in developing a cultural map based on culture providers in the city of Edinburgh on a first stage of dissemination. My role consist in setting up the cartographic information, building up the datasets and the wide range of categories based on participatory workshops and what we call ‘The Itinerant map’. The research design embeds knowledge exchange with local cultural producers in all activities to ensure outputs have relevance to Edinburgh’s diverse cultural communities. Each city has a potential and unique cultural map based on the participatory process as one particular representation of culture. This map represents from temporal events such as Festivals, flexible spaces, open spaces, to outdoor programs and the traditional spaces were culture takes place. The emphasis is on the people who uses this spaces and evaluates them.  Finally, by overlapping communities in need and cultural opportunities, unrecognised places emerge, such as Whale Arts centre, North Art Edinburgh, Craigmillar community centre, Out of the Blue and some others, and are considered by cultural providers as Cultural Hubs, where performance, different kind of crafted arts and digital producers can find not only space to develop professionally, but also interact with communities.

For more information visit the official website:

Itinerant map at the event 'What can we do to make great physical performance in Scotland?' run by Articulation at the Summer Hall on February 25th.

Source: Melisa Miranda, personal archive.

Workshop at the Story telling centre on February 23rd. Here participants are discussing missing places and new categories for the map 

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