Melisa Miranda is an Architect with an Ma in Architecture from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and an MPhil in Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh University. Melisa's research is focused on landscapes of movement, cultural mapping, indigenous territories, participation methodologies and tenure maps among other themes. Her work experience, consists in participatory design process within research projects and consulting services for governmental institutions in tasks of community engage, consult, city design, cultural heritage and territory. She has been involved in plotting data on historic assets such as national monuments, renovation of urban spaces applying PNUD guidelines, among other studies. Currently Melisa is a Research Associate at ESALA UoE for two Climate change related projects in Mexico City and in Puebla; and Research Associate at Edinburgh Future Institute and Edinburgh Living Lab, for the project 'The cultures and the community mapping project” in Edinburgh.

Melisa is also a Research Fellow in CCLAS Centre for Contemporary Latin American Studies at Edinburgh University. 

On this website you can understand her work and how she applies combined research methods from interdisciplinary perspectives into community mapping and collaborative processes. 



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